Padmala Atelier Story

Creativity, culture and idealism. Padmala Atelier was born to share the connection of nature and culture with humanity through architecturally inspired designs to celebrate self-expression.

Padmala means “born from the lotus flower” in the ancient language of Sanskrit . From darkness to light, from enduring experiences to blossoming, this Atelier embodies the maturity of becoming who we are by owning where we come from. A transformation that calls for authenticity, connection and self-expression.

Our jewelry pieces are inspired by the cultures we come from, reimagined for who we are now and forged for the people we want to become. 

Each design is born from meditation and self-inquiry and a thirst for far away times and places. Exploration, experimentation and curiosity motivate the development of our pieces when working at the atelier.  By blending tradition with exploration, you will express your strongest self in our jewelry.

Designed by Ariana, an architect, artist and thinker from Argentina, and handcrafted in Bali by Joko and Darmo, every statement creation is ethically forged by order for each person. We give value in the conversation with our clients and create custom pieces that will last a lifetime.