About Ariana - from Buenos Aires to Bali



Born, raised and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina - designer and maker Ariana has always been curious about traveling and other cultures. In her journey she has gone through architecture studies, social and political activism, mindfulness, transitioning her ideas of form, movement, beauty and structure into jewelry.

She created her first collection during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, pursuing a life-long dream she had since she was 12 years old. Bali, her base, has been the land of opportunity that incubated this project. She envisioned a design atelier that would create timeless pieces while honoring craftsmanship, diverse identities and contemporary ideologies.  

This vision gives her conversational pieces new meaning to herself as she effortlessly combines design with longevity and culture; at heart creating unique and bespoke designs inspired by life experiences and self-expression.

Her first encounters with jewelry were in her motherland, Argentina, with her mom who gathered a huge collection of big striking jewelry. Her mom would always say “it’s in our Syrian blood, that we carry this urge for big metal pieces”. Ariana, as most Argentinians, comes from a family of immigrants. Being herself a migrant to Southeast Asian lands, she always remembers her Russian, Spanish, and Syrian ancestors with curiosity, searching for traces of her roots in everyday life.