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Scales Collection

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The Moonlight Necklaces



A natural development from The Constellation series, the Moonlight Collection is born... 


We Are...

designers and idealists sharing the connection of nature and culture with humanity through architecturally inspired designs to celebrate self-expression and authenticity.

Meet Us
Editorial shot of Thoko wearing Square Space Earrings Silver
Editorial shots of Sasri wearing Elektra earring in silver medium and Thoko wearing Constellation earring in silver Larga
Beauty shots of Sasri wearing Virgo Earrings Silver
  • An aesthetic difference

    I love the purity of the lines. Iconic pieces with small details that matter.




    Rubina - France

  • A unique treat

    I will enjoy them for long time. Having such a unique artisan piece is like wearing art every day. And what a story that they arrive from so far away!


    Patricia - Barcelona

  • A special vibe

    Absolutely exquisite, I will live in them. These earrings will last me forever.




    Mbali - Australia

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The Origin

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